CHQ, Dublin Docklands, D1

Exhibition Runs 1st – 7th April 2019

Opening hours 1000-1600 each day

Mon 1st April

0930     Official Opening and Address

  • SPEAKERS: Mr. Brendan Kenny (Deputy Chief Executive, Dublin City), Mr. David Silke (Housing Agency).

1100-1300 Seminar: Housing for All

  • Planning and Housing for the 21st Century Planning and housing for Dublin’s future.
  • SPEAKERS: Arch. Ms. Helene Schauer (MVD, Austria), Arch. Mr. Mark Gilbert (Trans_City, Vienna), Ms. Clare McManus (Housing Spokesperson, RIAI).
  • PANELLISTS: Ms. Ali Grehan (Dublin City Architect), Mr. John O’Hara (Dublin City Planning Officer), Mr. John O’Mahony (Architect), Assoc Prof. Declan Redmond (UCD), Asst Prof. Orla Hegarty (UCD).
  • MODERATOR: Dr. Dáithí Downey (Dublin City Housing Observatory).

FREE EVENT Pre-booking required

1430  Docklands Walking Tour with Mr. Terry Fagan (Historian).

A walk back in time through Dublin’s famous “Monto” district.

FREE EVENT Pre-booking required

Tue 2nd April

0930-1300 Seminar: Housing for All

  • Sustainable Development via Rapid Urbanism or Gentle Urban Renewal? Planning for Dublin’s Docklands, Poolbeg and the North East Inner City (NEIC).
  • SPEAKERS: Dr. Mary Murphy (Maynooth University), Mr. Fergus McCabe (Programme Implementation Board, NEIC).
  • PANELLISTS: Mr. Tony Flynn (Dublin City Director of Housing), Ms. Deirdre Scully (Dublin City Senior Planner), Mr. Karl Mitchell (Dublin City Central Area Manager), Dr. Mick Byrne (UCD), Mr. Derek Kelly (Dublin City Docklands).
  • MODERATOR: Ms. Isoilde Dillon (Housing Agency).

FREE EVENT Pre-booking required

Mon 8th April

0930-1300 Seminar: Housing for All

  • Demography, Migration, Integration and Housing
  • SESSION ONE SPEAKER: Prof. William Hynes (Director, Future Analytics Consulting). RESPONDENT: Prof. Kenneth Gibb (Director, UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence, Professor in Housing Economics, Glasgow University).
  • SESSION TWO SPEAKERS:  Ms. Michaela Kauer (Director, Vienna House, Brussels), Dr. Rory O’Donnell (Director, NESC), Ms. Grainia Long (Commissioner for Resilience, Belfast City Council).
  • PANELLISTS: Mr John Coleman (CEO, Land Development Agency) Mr. Cormac Murphy (CEO, European Investment Bank (Ire)), Mr. David Joyce (Solicitor and Board Member, Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission), Dr. Bernie O’Donoghue-Hynes (Research Executive, LGMA). Ms. Edwina Steele (Assistant Principal Officer, Office for Promotion of Migrant Integration), Ms. Teresa Buczkowska (Integration Team Coordinator, Imigrant Council) .
  • MODERATOR: Dr. Dáithí Downey (Dublin City Housing Observatory).

FREE EVENT Pre-booking required