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Affordable Housing Conference held in Vienna in December 2018

This discussed questions like which legal and financial conditions are necessary in Europe to increase investment in affordable housing? Which benefits does affordable housing provide for European cities and the economy?

City of Vienna Housing Website

Vienna differs from other major cities in many respects. This is particularly visible when it comes to the different housing options available to its residents with the exemplary Viennese model of housing subsidies at its core.

The Vienna Model

Housing for the Twenty-First-Century City by Wolfgang Förster / William Menking (Eds.)

‘Home at Last’ Report

Report outlines attitudes towards Rapid Build schemes and the challenges faced by homeless


This is Where We Live

Website  containing audio podcasts and transmedia series exploring what it takes to shape great places to live and how Ireland is facing up to its future.

A series of podcasts The Vienna Model: Housing for the 21st Century, drawing on the recent seminars and exhibition, hosted by the Dublin Housing Observatory in April, are available on 

Listen here:

Episode 1 What is the Vienna Model?

Episode 2 How do we create Affordable Housing?

Episode 3 Re-imagining Ballymun

Episode 4 Visions for the future of housing